About us

Giorgio Dal Lago, the tailor's art

In the 50's the young and talented Giorgio Dal Lago, following his passion for the tailoring art, started sewing bespoke suits to the people of his hometown, and after a lot of practice he soon obtained a Diploma at the School of tailoring art in Milan in "Tailoring women's and men's classical suits" and a "Gold medal Diploma for tailoring men's suits" at the School of tailoring in Treviso.

In 1958 he decided to establish a classical children's wear company, and in the following years, thanks to his talent and his exclusive styles, reached great domestic market successes. Later on, some of his children joined the family company with various duties.

Dal Lago in the XXI century

After 50 years, we, the Dal Lago family, stay true to our high italian tradition, with the same passion and commitment of the founder. Our girl's and boy's garments are the result of the long-standing experience gained working always at the top and with maximum attention to details, elegance and style that identify our exclusive models.

For the boys, alongside the classical styles, consisting of formal wear appropriate for great occasions or as school uniforms, coordinated with shirts and ties in various fabrics, we provide sportswear consisting in jackets and trousers paired with pure wool knitwear. 

For the girls, we develop a collection that includes coats and jackets as outerwear, skirts and trousers paired with blazers or dresses, along with shirts and pure wool knitwear. 

Elegance and style come first from the person, and we offer to those who need to express them a complete and coherent collection. The refined raw materials, usually selected for an adult classical wear, the 100% Made in Italy production, the attention to details and the care of our customers, are the characteristics that identify us, our tradition and savoir-faire.